Herrotics – Fathead (Review)

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Manchester collective Herrotics deliver a blistering, noisy, abrasive and impassioned release with ‘Fathead’, which dropped recently through UK hip-hop powerhouse Blah Records. The album takes you through an industrial journey, with the force of the production never lapsing, creating a mood and vibe that is consistent, cohesive and will keep you coming back time and time again.


The spacey, left-field soundscape created in the background of ‘Dumb’ is a prime example of the weird, wonderful and persistently entertaining style that Herrotics have mastered. ‘Tape’ follows, and is one of the standouts of the project for me, with dope vocal samples, emphatic electronic percussion and distinctive Mancunian swagger.

The up-tempo, abrasive ‘Rab’ is great, with cutting, harsh synthesizers and a bouncy drum pattern and crisp kicks. ‘Soge’ is potentially my favourite track however. Maybe the more soulful, boom bap side is simply more in my comfort zone, but that doesn’t take away from the more experimental cuts on ‘Fathead’, as the diversity shown is refreshing, along with the stylistic choices.

The pacey, on point flow displayed over the hard hitting drums and infectious riff of ‘Doze’ make it another highlight of the album. Herrotics certainly have an individual take on British rap music; this is incredibly individualistic, carving its own lane amongst a vast amount of samey acts. The album finishes with the title track, and the hard hitting, gritty drums make this one another favourite.

‘Fathead’ is dope. With a consistent theme and sonic experience, Herrotics and Blah Records are definitely onto a winner with this one. The production, whilst definitely on the experimental, electronic side of the spectrum, will also keep your head nodding, and the raps are first class too. Also, the album is very much on the short side, at only eleven tracks, with just one being over three minutes, and this definitely has a part to play in the overall enjoyment that can be found when listening to ‘Fathead’ in one sitting. Get this in your life.

By Sam Bennett







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