Lunar C – Breakdown Rebuild (Review)

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Bradford’s leading rap export, Lunar C is back with ‘Breakdown Rebuild’, his new mixtape which features Dream McLean, Lee Scott, Dirty Dike, Tommy Dockerz and Burgundy Blood, as well as outstanding production from Hashfinger and Reklews. With his recent battle with Oshea dropping on the same day as this mixtape, Lunar once again proves that he’s much more than a one trick pony. ‘Breakdown Rebuild’ shows both the skilled and the hilarious Lunar C, making for an undeniably entertaining listen.


‘Breakdown Rebuild’ gets underway with ‘Pocket Full Of Fuckall’, which displays Lunar’s wit, ability to switch flows without a seconds hesitation and a catchy hook over a beat that keeps your head nodding constantly throughout the opener, which includes shots at Bono and some bars about Lunar’s penis, a subject he seems to enjoy talking about at great length (I know how that might read…). ‘Cool As Fuck’ features another dope chorus and the verses are packed full of Lunar’s trademark humour. ‘MOAMS’, featuring Manchester based American spitter Burgundy Blood, is one of the standouts of ‘Breakdown Rebuild’, with a crisp, soulful instrumental and on point flows from both Lunar and Blood.

‘Shnaffleberry’ is littered with weed references delivered at a quick pace over a bouncy, uptempo instrumental; Lunar’s charisma and energy is repeatedly a winning formula on ‘Breakdown Rebuild’. I remember hearing ‘Hang’ the last time I saw Lunar perform live, and to hear it in its full glory is great; if you want your rap music serious, deep and meaningful then this is definitely the track for you. The conscious topics continue on ‘Shag My Sister’, which features Tommy Dockerz. This pairing always produces hilarity, evident on their previous collaboration ‘Gettin Money’, and this track follows that trend to the letter.

‘Mate Of A Mate’, featuring Lee Scott and Dirty Dike is one of my favourite tunes from the mixtape. With a classic boom bap beat and three of the UK’s nicest writers, what couldn’t make this track one to revisit over and over. The title track of the mixtape is also a heavy cut, with a dusty, piano laced beat backing Lunar as he spits with a quick, intricate flow. ‘Die Old’ sees an entirely confident Lunar dropping consistently nice punchlines over a gritty, electronic beat with a hypnotic, staccato synth line. ‘Strictly Indo’ is another herbalist anthem from the West Yorkshire MC, and ‘Even If’ is a raw penultimate track. ‘Breakdown Rebuild’ finishes with the outstanding ‘New World’, which is a surprisingly serious (honestly this time) closer, demonstrating Lunar’s versatility and skill.

‘Breakdown Rebuild’ is a really solid project from one of the UK’s most promising MC’s. Lunar C’s buzz is warranted, with a string of well received projects. This is the biggest collection of tracks released in a while, and it’s pretty much all dope. Packed with witty lyricism, complex structures and an abundance of punchlines, this is one that will be in regular rotation for a while to come.

By Sam Bennett





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