Lee Scott – Tin Foil Fronts (Review)

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Lee Scott is a founding member of legendary UK hip hop crew, Children of the Damned. Tin Foil Fronts is an album any fan of the scene has been eagerly awaiting. Lee has such a history of creating quality music, which always sounds so fresh amongst the other albums being released from his counterparts. 


This is an album every UK hip hop fan has been looking forward to since rumours of its existence first started circulating. Lee Scott is such a prolific and forward thinking musician, it’s always very exciting to listen to a project from the Children of the Damned representative. Tin Foil Fronts is a dark exploration of Lee’s mind, with gritty hip hop beats and amazing verbal imagery making it impossible to switch off from this effortless display of how to rock a microphone and kill a beat.

Tracks like ‘GM Smooth’, which features lyrics such as ‘So here’s some random words to fill another bar’ as well as fantastically placed references and more abstract imagery and messages, are typical examples of Lee’s original style. It’s this command and exploitation of the English language that makes Lee Scott so well respected, and makes his music so unique and different. It’s great to hear Lee switch from gritty, boom bap tracks to songs such as ‘Yes He Did’. This features a more modern production style, and some weaving multi syllabics. With a flow that never strays off beat, it’s very pleasing to hear just how progressive this album is; this isn’t 16 tracks of the same dusty old 90s beat, this is simply some sick rap music.

‘Tunnel Deep’ has already been doing the rounds on YouTube, with a fantastic, vivid visual counterpart to the intense and mysterious track. Lee packs a punch with this track, and it still remains one of the standouts. However, the standout is ‘Puta’, it’s too good. Lee’s verse is fantastic, and it’s great to hear him team up with Don Silk, formerly known as Monster Under The Bed of COTD fame, and now rapping as part of Piff Gang, as well as two incredible spitters from Sheffield, Trellion & Sniff. This mean, slow paced hip hop is something Trelli & Sniff, as well as Lee himself specialise in, and this track is something else. The menacing beat, bars and flows represent underground hip hop at its core. Tin Foil Fronts is an album that anybody who prides themselves as a lyricist will appreciate from start to finish. Tracks like ‘Pie Eyed’ & ‘Goat Rap’ both see Lee Scott using some fantastic rhyme schemes, with so many internally connected syllables it makes it sound as if he’s simply gliding along the instrumentals. This album will hush anybody doubting Lee Scott’s ability as one of the best writers in UK hip hop.

Tin Foil Fronts is a fantastically crafted album, with a very unique sound and style throughout the entire LP. Lee Scott has always been a prolific rapper, with his back catalogue being packed full of gems and underground classics, and this album is yet another dope piece of work to add to that. Displaying incredible lyrical ability, as well as an expertly selected beat choice, this is a very dark hip hop album, but one that is sure to brighten the day of any fan of real lyricism.

By Sam Bennett