Tanya Morgan – YGWY$4 (Review)

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Donwill and Von Pea have enjoyed a dedicated, cult-like following as imaginative duo Tanya Morgan. The blogs jumped on them like hawks when they first made an impact back in the mid-2000s, but their material hasn’t dipped in quality in the decade-plus they’ve been active since. ‘YGWY$4’ is their latest offering, and it’s another exciting, thoroughly entertaining release.

Witty bars and a punchy instrumental are on show from the word go with ‘Started’; creative punchlines fall over a funky, textured beat and Tanya Morgan kick things off with a lively banger. The dodgy singing on the hook is perfect for the unique brand of humour found throughout the collective’s verses, and this is clearly an experienced, talented group. ‘VPMD”s crisp, uptempo boom bap makes it an early highlight. The consistent, smooth and precisely executed raps are melodic and charismatic, and it’s a testament to their undeniable quality that the duo’s cult following has stayed loyal since Tanya Morgan was first talked about on the blogisphere.

Crunchy snares and jazzy keys keep the heads nodding on the off-kilter, straight up ‘Trunk Shit’. Donwill and Von Pea demonstrate their cocky flavours, both exhibiting an energetic presence over a pimped-out instrumental. The groovy instrumentals on show here make ‘YGWY$4’ cohesive and enjoyable without exception; the stuttering percussion and dope bassline on ‘Louder’ are a perfect example of the LP’s successful feel-good vibe. ‘Filthiest aka LESSLOWITT!’ is a fantastic penultimate tune; the lofi drums and intricate picked guitar allows Tanya Morgan and Ilyas to ride with ease over the intoxicating loop.

Tanya Morgan have delivered the goods here; ‘YGW$4’ is a concise, enjoyable LP, and the diverse, eclectic sounds come together to make for an impressive low-key release. Whether you’re a longstanding listener or a new fan that’s just stumbled across this talented duo, you’re bound to enjoy this one.

By Sam Bennett