Bisk – Rawson’s Creek (Review)

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Prolific London lyricist Bisk drops his latest offering, the thirteen track project ‘Rawson’s Creek’, continuing a steady stream of stellar releases. The latest collection clocks in at a total playing time of just under twenty five minutes, and it’s packed with short, to-the-point tracks laced with Bisk’s signature confident style over a selection of beats contributed by some of the most talented producers in the scene.

The funky bassline and crisp drums of the opening track ‘Out Of Sight’ set the scene for the understated, subtle tones that play throughout the project. Bisk’s relaxed presence makes his verses easy to listen to, and he spits with a clarity and experience that has been improving with each release, and boy has there been a lot of them. The punchy, soulful Illinformed production ‘Fuck’ is a well-executed track too; Bisk switches his flow up to a pacey, aggressive approach, and his performance is blistering, powerful and gritty to the core.

The dusty, sparkiling piano patterns and grandiose vocal chops of ‘Manic’ are brilliantly executed, once again by RLD beatmaker Illinformed, and Bisk’s cocky lyricism is on top form. Sheffield producer Morriarchi contributes a superb beat for the intricate, punchline infused ‘Nautical’, and the short runtime of the majority of the tracks on here make the LP encapsulating, not giving your attention to wander for a second. ‘World Champ’s groovy double bass is accompanied by dope lofi sound effects, and the glitchy, experimental sound is a perfect match for Bisk’s stream of consciousness bars.

The London MC recruits fellow Blah lyricists Lee Scott and Salar for the slow-moving, mellow highlight ‘La Sombra’. The sophisticated production across the ‘Rawson’s Creek’ project make the release thoroughly entertaining, and Bisk’s consistent quality is incredibly impressive. The raw loop and cutting delivery present on ‘Goodnite’ and the hard-hitting, Lee Scott produced penultimate banger ‘Reset’ make for a class end run of tracks, and round off a concise project that is packed with swagger from beginning to end.

Another month, another top quality tape from Bisk; ‘Rawson’s Creek’ is a short-knit, cohesive release that showcases a brilliant selection of producers, who allow the creative MC to expertly demonstrate his organic, effortless sound throughout the project. 2017 has seen Bisk deliver some memorable projects, and ‘Rawson’s Creek’ might just be the best yet. Having said that, as we’ve still got four months to go, there’s guaranteed to be a couple more in contention by the time the year’s out.

By Sam Bennett