Lee Scott, Trellion, Milkavelli & Sumgii – Cult Mountain (Review)

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Blah Records godfather Lee Scott joins forces with Sheffield’s Trellion, of Bad Taste Records, Piff Gang’s Milkavelli and Sumgii, who is behind the swagged out, wavey beats heard on many PG and LDZ tunes, on this cult edition project, entitled ‘Cult Mountain’. Any longtime Blah head will know that Lee and Don Silk have worked together previously; both were members of the legendary Children of the Damned, back when Milkavelli was known as Monster Under The Bed, so to hear this reunion of two of the sharpest spitters this country has produced, with the addition of one of the most distinctive rappers coming out of the North and a truly exceptional producer is a real treat. 

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‘Cult Mountain’ starts off with ‘616’, and the spacious instrumental, bass heavy kick drum and swegged out lyrics (you know if you’re ’bout that life) combine to make an infectious piece of cocky, lazy hip hop. Milkavelli’s verse features a nice section where he reworks part of his verse from Piff Gang’s ‘Bionic’, and it works well in the new context; It’s clear from this opener that the three MC’s tones and styles of delivery are very well suited.

‘SMFDB’ instantly impressed when it was uploaded onto YouTube, and it’s a punchline heavy track, with Don Silk stating that ‘all these rappers getting sacked like they’re David Moyes’. Lee Scott is rated ‘on a scale of excellent to extraordinary’, and his stylistically unique and distinctive approach is emphatically effective, and his prolific output as of late is something to be respected.

The wonky instrumental of ‘Ay’ is a highlight; Sumgii’s style compliments the slow paced spitting perfectly, and Trellion’s menacing verse is heavy, as is Milkavelli’s cocky and technical multisyllabic ridden appearance. Trellion’s fellow Sheffield based, Bas Taste representative Sniff makes an impressive appearance on here, and if you’re not already aware of it, make sure to check their previous work together.

‘Cult Mountain’ is a dope little project. It’s on an ultra-exclusive steez, and I think the vinyl is sold out, so you better hurry to pre-order the tape versions. It’s packed with five cohesive and banging tracks, with three of the UK’s most talented MC’s coming together to produce a quality release. Get this while you still can.

By Sam Bennett