Agallah – Agnum Opus (Review)

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Agallah is one of the most respected spitters in the game; the east coast wordsmith has been representing New York across all corners of the globe, and his formidable lyricism commands both the respect and attention of those in his presence. ‘Agnum Opus’ is a short, cohesive project. At an eleven-track runtime, The Don Bishop weaves his way through the self-produced soundscape with insightful verses laced with his ever-sharp knack for grimey punchlines.

Ag opens the project with his traditional raw, hard-hitting demeanour; the intense, spacious instrumental of ‘Finito’ allows The Don Bishop to convey his rhymes with intent and an impactful delivery, and the gritty specialist is still as compelling as ever. The soulful, punchy production of ‘Top Of The Food Chain’ makes it an early highlight, and the veteran Brooklyn spitter exhudes confidence. His longevity has been characterised by his gravelly tone, polished flow and battle-ready punchlines, and in later years he has matched this with an accomplished maturity in both production and lyrical ability.

The dramatic production and slow-moving, savage writing from the established East Coast artist are a winning formula on the dense, textured banger ‘Blood On The Grams’. Ag’s distinct New York flavours make his verses relentlessly energetic across the duration of the LP, and the consistently pounding drums hold the combination together unfalteringly. The jazzy keys on ‘Metaphorically’ are matched with chopped vocal samples and a frantic, in-your-face drum break. Agallah demonstrates his precise flow, intellectual writing and rhythmic agility with a masterful touch. The LP finishes with ‘Act Accordingly’, and it closes out another seamless project to add to the catalogue.

Versatility, showmanship and an effortless presence, Agallah delivers top quality material throughout ‘Agnum Opus’. His gritty, street-smart lyricism and expert production touches are a testament to his all round skill-set. Ag is hip-hop through and through; he’s been grinding for years, and is still releasing exhilerating, high-brow rap music for the underground connoisseur decades after first entering the game.

By Sam Bennett