The Great & The Magnificent – Rebirth.Life.Death (Review)

Reviews, The Great & The Magnificent

Newcastle based rap group The Great & The Magnificent deliver the goods on the cohesive, consistent ‘Rebirth.Life.Death’. The positive undertones and unique sound make this an entertaining and enlightening release, and it’s a refreshing change from the gloomy tones of the majority of hip-hop coming out of the British shores.

T3 of legendary Detroit group Slum Village, as well as talented Atlanta vocalist Kameron Corvet, both make excellent appearances on the early highlight, ‘Back To The Future’. The crisp drums and layered, spacey effects contribute to a great showcase of The Great & The Magnificent’s adventurous sonic direction, and the interesting textures and polished production continue throughout. ‘It’s On’ is a funky, upbeat cut, and the summery vibe is complimented with melodic, charismatic flows and intricate writing. The duo are able to inject a poppy, commercial approach without any detrimental effect, which is a skill that is very hard to master.

The mellow, uplifting ‘Ruin Your Day’ is a definite standout; the simplistic, subtle production and catchy hook make for a really enjoyable cut, and The Great & The Magnificent have mastered the classy pop-rap crossover. There’s never an overload of synthesizers or riffs, and the flows and lyricism remain reaching a high standard across the project. Horns and witty bars over a crisp, traditional beat run through ‘One Last Time’, and precise flows sit in the pocket as the big-beat backs the two MCs. The LP closes out with ‘Encore’, and the dope horns and celebratory vibe finish off a cohesive, entertaining and overwhelmingly positive album from the North East partnership.

This release has crept under the radar, but it’s well worth investing your time in. The Great & The Magnificent have created a fresh, well-executed project, and ‘Rebirth.Life.Death’ is a dope showcase of their professionally structured, catchy material.

By Sam Bennett





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