Danny Lover – The Church Restaurant Official Soundtrack (Review)

Danny Lover, Reviews

Canadian musician Danny Lover blesses us with his latest full length project; ‘The Church Restaurant Official Soundtrack’ is a ten-track release fresh for 2017, and he partners once again with prolific underground British label Blah Records for the LP. Danny’s eclectic, experimental style has won him the attention of listeners across the globe, and this project is sure to capitalise on and further increase the stature he already enjoys.

The eery piano keys that punctuate the off-beats on ‘Secrets’ are a masterful touch on an early reminder of Danny’s super-swagged out style. The raw, slurred vocals are effortlessly delivered over the under-water vocal samples and shuffled drums, and the Blah Records MC exhibits his truly unique technique the whole way across the LP. Revered Sheffield lyricist and Bad Taste Records representative Trellion appears on the gorgeous, soulful ‘Skinny Pimp’. Lover and Trelli are both renowned for their super-slow flows (if you’re not a fan, Danny’s calling you out on here), and the smoked-out vibe is expertly handled.

The rising trend in cinematic, subtle beats with no drums is a welcome new tradition in hip-hop, and Danny seamlessly delivers his vivid lyrics on a simplistic string-based production on the emphatic ‘Lex’. It’s not easy to make this sound so fluid, and it’s a true testament to the Canadian spitter’s ability and natural charisma that this is one of the album’s finest. ‘Rare Nirvana’ features fellow Blah heads Salar and Lee Scott, and the witty, sing-a-long chorus is partnered with verses packed with banging punchlines from the dope line-up of MC’s dropping with precision over a dreamy instrumental. The penultimate tune ‘Rose Garden’ is a mellow, jazzy number; the dusty drums, gracious sax and melodic vocal blend to make a stunning cut in the closing stages.

The consistent, absorbing vibe on ‘The Church Restaurant Official Soundtrack’ makes the album wonderfully hypnotic; Danny commands a great vocabulary, and encompasses vivid imagery, slick punchlines and a charismatic demeanour that makes this latest release a resounding achievement. Blah Records have done it again, and with a few more months left in the year, the prolific label is bound to have a couple more things up it’s sleeve.

By Sam Bennett








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