Nitty Scott – Creature (Review)

Nitty Scott, Reviews

East coast MC Nitty Scott may have first caught your attention as a part of No Panty (along with Joell Ortiz and Bodega Bamz), and their 2016 LP release ‘Westside Highway Story’, but the nifty spitter is well and truly an artist in her own right. She’s been grinding with some dope mixtapes, EPs and features over the past few years, as well as the 2014 LP ‘The Art Of Chill’, but ‘Creature’ is Scott’s most ambitious work yet.

The album opens with the off-kilter ‘La Diaspora’; the track features Belgian musician Zap Mama, and the frantic, upbeat percussive instrumental backs staccato, energetic spitting from the Brooklyn born MC. The energetic, charismatic approach extends throughout ‘Creature’, and the musical, adventurous approach is refreshing and entertaining from front to back. The eclectic stylistic journey continues on the excellent ‘Negrita’; a mixture of crossover-ready electronic influence, savage lyricism and impressive melodic performances makes the intoxicating tune a definite highlight.

Scott exhibits masterful subtlety on the acoustic-guitar driven ‘Nitty Scott For Sarah Baartman’, and the intricate writing and solid flow results in a concise and captivating cut. The New York rapper keeps a strong hip-hop sensibility throughout the full length project, whilst maintaining a current, accessible sound. The trap-infused ‘In The Water’ is a prime example, with swelling synths and hard-hitting drums making for an intense backdrop which allows Scott to excel with cutting lines. ‘Mango Juice’ closes out the LP, and the frantic, bass-heavy production is a perfect match as Nitty displays her colossal charisma for the final time.

‘Creature’ is a musical, adventurous and exciting project from a talented young MC who is going from strength to strength. Nitty Scott allows her own voice to shine on this LP, with a couple of well-chosen guest appearances providing dope intervals from the Brooklyn lyricist’s savage flows. The eclectic production, and energetic approach gives the project great continuity, and Nitty’s upbeat, technical writing is a perfect blend for the polished instrumentals.

By Sam Bennett





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