Skyzoo – Peddler Themes (Review)

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‘Peddler Themes’ serves as a prelude of sorts for Skyzoo’s upcoming LP ‘Celebration Of Us’, scheduled for release at the end of the year. The New York lyricist showcases his smooth flow, intricate rhymes and experienced technique across this enjoyable eight track EP, which is guaranteed to stay on any boom bap fan’s playlist for the foreseeable future.

The dusty, soulful ‘Bamboo’ is a dope cut; the instrumental’s off-kilter textures during the verses are partnered with subtle, jazzy brass-lines in the cool, calm chorus. Skyzoo’s lyrical prowess is well-known amongst rhyme enthusiasts, and his ear for tasteful beats that compliment his developed style is a strong skill to have. ‘Finesse Everything’ is a definite highlight; summer, old-school vibes provide a pocket that Sky always shines in, and the melodic, precise flow is executed as professionally as ever.

Revered Ner Jersey musician !llmind’s knocking, nineties influenced production on ‘Let It Fly’ makes for an impressive track; the crisp snares and filtered, soulful vocal chops back confident, cocky stanzas from the Brooklyn based writer. The sophisticated, tasteful production continues on ’95 Bad Boy Logo’, with a dope mixture of traditional influence offset by quirky, synthetic lines courtesy of Atlanta beatsmith Tuamie. The cohesive sound of ‘Peddler Themes’ makes the concise EP a chilled, mellow listen, and the stellar line-up of producers makes the project one that will standout in Skyzoo’s already impressive discography.

‘Peddler Themes’ is another reminder that the lyrical, soulful hip-hop of years gone past is still well and truly alive. Skyzoo commands a masterful penmanship, and the musicality of the producers on display allow him to paint vividly with his complex, heartfelt delivery. The New York spitter has dropped an EP that will be a guaranteed fan favourite, although if you’re a less seasoned Skyzoo listener, it’s not a bad introduction either.

By Sam Bennett






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