Bugzy Malone – King Of The North (Review)

Bugzy Malone, Reviews

Bugzy Malone has built a dedicated fanbase with a number of hughly viewed videos and a series of dope EP’s. He’s been grinding for years, with mixtapes dating back to the beginning of the decade, but it’s in recent hears that he’s catapaulted to the forefront of the scene. ‘King Of The North’ finds him sending shots at his rivals over dense, stylish beats with his signature swagger on full display.

Bugzy demonstrates his acclaimed energy on the relentless ‘Aggy Wid It’. Connor McGregor punchlines, technical lyricism and confidence in abundance is a perfect partner for the raw, rowdy production on this early highlight. It’s easy to see why the Mancunian MC is so revered by fans around the country. Legendary garage duo DJ Luck and MC Neat appear on the uptempo ‘Through The Night’. Bugzy’s ability to blend authentic, aggressive bars with catchy hooks has taken him to stratospheric levels, and his execution on this banger is a shining example.

‘Bruce Wayne’ is classic Malone. The intense, gritty verses are delivered at high speed with a formidable presence and precise flow. The simplistic chorus is flawless, and the track doesn’t let the energy slip for a second; if you’ve not seen the brilliant visuals for this single you need to get that YouTube tab open right now. The EP closes out with the swelling synths and rattling hi-hats of ‘Sniper’. Bugzy ends with a quality track that finds him declaring himself the sickest spitter out here with distinctive flows that switch-up at a moment’s notice.

‘King Of The North’ is a bold claim; there’s a huge number of talented MC’s in the various cities around the top half of the country, but Bugzy Malone is most definitely in the conversation. The eight-track EP is a reminder of his formidable flow, unmistakable voice and passionate presence, and he delivers a very entertaining project with this consistently lively selection.

By Sam Bennett







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