Bisk – Yasuke (Review)

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Bisk returns with yet another project for fans of the underground lyricist to fiend over; the brilliantly consistent and dedicated wordsmith drops ‘Yasuke’, a six-track EP produced entirely by veteran rapper and producer Lee Scott. The subtle, lofi production is matched with smoked out, gritty verses from Bisk throughout this succinct project.

Blah Records veteran Salar accompanies on early highlight ‘Nina’; the slow-moving, dark flavours of the instrumental are perfect for Bisk’s hushed, menacing tones. Salar’s cocky delivery and hard-hitting quotables are on full display too, and the collaboration is a testament to the longstanding quality of the Cult’s material. The Blah camp has been ahead of the curve since it’s inception, and it’s great that those so important to it’s early success are still putting in the work. ‘The Art Of War’ is a crisp, jazzy cut and Bisk’s intricate writing, creative references and raw vocal are endlessly entertaining. It’s no surprise he’s one of the most hotly tipped MC’s on the circuit right now.

The stuttered snare drums and complex lyricism of ‘Ronin’ make it a memorable track; the building intensity and aggression are enthralling, and Bisk sounds so comfortable as he laces the off-kilter beat with his precise, recognisable flow. Salar appears once again on the dusty banger ‘Tzunami’. The simple loop allows the Liverpool and London spitters to weave seamlessly across the chopped samples, and the attitude and confidence on show make for one of the best tracks from the ‘Yasuke’ EP. Precise internal rhymes and hard-hitting punchlines of ‘Ravioli’ make it an energetic closer, and the concise project is masterfully executed and undeniably entertaining from start to finish.

Serving as a prelude to a full length Bisk project with Lee Scott as the sole producer, ‘Yasuke’ is another dope release to add to the growing catalogue. Bisk’s versatility and creative style makes him a truly distinctive artist, and the sheer abundance of quality material the London MC is bringing to the table makes him one of the most interesting characters in the scene. Blah Records already carries a formidable reputation, but with releases and artists of this stature on it’s roster, the collective is only going to continue grow.

By Sam Bennett






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