Stinkin Slumrok & Morriarchi – Morrstinkin (Review)

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Blah Records keep on blessing us. ‘Morrstinkin’ is a full length project from London MC Stinkin Slumrok and Sheffield beatmaker Morriarchi, and the creative LP is packed with their signature gritty and gloomy style. Blah had a prolific twelve months in 2016, and it looks as if they’re continuing with that trend with an abundance of quality music already filtering out from the Cult, and this is is a prime selection.

‘Keep It Morrstinkin’ sets the tone of the LP perfectly; the gloomy opener is laced with punchy kicks, off-kilter effects and a deep snare that backs Slumrok has he drops witty bars with charisma and conviction. ‘Madness’ is relentless and a perfect example of the Blah MC’s individual style. His verses aren’t exactly on topic, but he brings consistently high quality bars laced with a sharp sense of humour and a clear nineties influence that is delivered without the slightest hint of forcing it. Slumrok continuously shows himself as a what you see is what you get MC, and it makes him one of the most likeable characters in the scene.

The smoked-out ‘Duh Duh’ is really dope, and the slow-moving, ultra-smooth beat is a work of genius by Sheffield producer Morriarchi; the eclectic selection of instrumentals ranges from hazy rollers to crisp, boom bap. ‘Bugginton Smyth’ is a fine example of the latter, and Blah Records veteran Salar contributes a characteristically cocky verse; the rare verses we’ve heard recently from the original Children Of The Damned spitter has every hip-hop head worth their salt sat fiending for a project for the talented lyricist.

‘F.A.M.M’ is a highlight; Slumrok switches up the flows and drops inventive quotables like “I wanna see you all get funky as my mum, and she be really fucking crazy where you think I got it from”, and it’s memorable lyrics like this that make his work so enjoyable. ‘Early In The Morning’ is wonderfully offensive, and Trellion, Slummy and Flowtecs deliver hard-hitting bars over a haunting Morriarchi soundscape. The looming production and eclectic mix of styles on show are a very formidable formula.

Slumrok has a unique ability to spit some of the most vivid, graphic and dirty bars before switching to a street-smart, raw approach without missing a step. The excellent ‘Pipedreems’ is a case in point, and the hook is masterfully executed; this is classic Stinkin Slumrok, and nobody can do this style quite like him. It’s dope to hear frequent collaborator Bisk slay the microphone of the trippy, leftfield penultimate banger ‘Indacity’; the punchy drums and sparse beat is perfect for Bisk and Slummy’s natural chemistry to shine, and their gritty penmanship is flawlessly constructed.

Blah Records have delivered another banging album that showcases quality material from one of the most creative, unique movements operating at the moment. Slumrok and Morriarchi’s chemistry is evident from the outset, and the boom bap vibe is sprinkled with a healthy dose of characteristic cult sweg from the producer/MC duo. Consistent, cohesive and charismatic, ‘Morrstinkin’ is a wonderfully entertaining project, and it’ll remain on rotation for some time to come.

By Sam Bennett






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