Rye Shabby – Arthur Lager (Review)

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In The Balance return after a productive 2016 with their latest release. Rye Shabby brings us his concise seven track EP entitled ‘Arthur Lager’, and it’s an entertaining introduction to Rye’s quirky, boom bap style. He brings a great ear for beats, and witty punchlines to match, but it’s the stories and descriptive writing that make him such a captivating MC. Verb T has recruited some very talented artists for the ITB collective, and Rye is another to add to the growing list.


‘Moscow’ is a chilled, sparkling opener with a crisp, relaxed drum-beat backing intertwining lyricism from Rye as he demonstrates his unique style which matches a storytelling aesthetic with vivid, relatable references. “You can see the mess I’m on. Put the kettle on, I’ll dip a biccy then I best be gone”, he begins on the brilliant ‘Kate Moss’; Rye’s charismatic and confident delivery rides a great line between smoked-out, haziness and animated, assured presence.

Rye Shabby namechecks some heavy UK MC’s on ‘Heat’, and it’s clear that he’s a polished, practiced spitter who can definitely carve out his own lane. The sophisticated boom bap influence across the early part of the EP is achieved with conviction, and Rye’s dense, detailed lyricism is very impressive. Verb T features on ‘Trench Coat’ and ‘Black Is The New Black’; you can see his touch across the In The Balance roster, and the melodic, chilled vibes are a winning formula.

With production from Verbs himself, along with Muckaniks, Illinformed and Sloth, the beats on the EP are classy, moody and suitable for Rye’s unique flow. His skill-set is very impressive; entertaining content, technical rhyme patterns and displays clarity and precision in his delivery. This has definitely got us excited about a full length Rye Shabby project, and In The Balance have kicked off 2017 with a project well worth your attention.

By Sam Bennett







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