Britizen Kane – The Quality Of Life (Review)

Britizen Kane, Reviews

Bury MC Britizen Kane follows up his ‘Orson Welles’ EP with his second project of 2016. This release, entitled ‘The Quality Of Life’, is a seven track effort that features guest appearances from Genesis Elijah, Popcaan and Tim McIlrath amongst others, and showcases Kane’s relentless flow and compelling content.


The EP gets underway with ‘The House Of Kane’, which features Rise Against vocalist Tim McIlrath, and the surprising guest appearance works brilliantly with the emotional, passionate performance from Britizen. The raw, honest content is eye-opening, and it’s personal, sincere approaches like this that are so important in a genre that hasn’t always been comfortable with speaking candidly about the more heart-rending side of life.

Genesis Elijah and Mark Waters appear on the trapped-out banger ‘Joe Pesci’, and the hard-hitting production and eclectic mix of MC’s makes this a standout. The percussive, aggressive delivery of all three spitters is perfect for the pounding bass and rattling snares, and the eclectic nature of ‘The Quality Of Life’ is definitely impressive. The crisp, slick ‘Back On My Rap’ is dope; the technical, intricate writing is packed with punchlines, wordplay and precisely executed flows making for an exhilarating lyrical tour-de-force from the Dcypha representative.

The penultimate track is ‘Wild Horses’, and the uplifting, piano-laced beat backs Britizen Kane as he delivers intense, charismatic verses over an instrumental that walks the thin line between having crossover potential whilst maintaining integrity and remaining authentic. The honesty and unfiltered emotion that Britizen injects into his lyricism is refreshing, and it’s important to respect his strength and to appreciate the importance of opening a dialogue about mental health.

Props to Kane for this one; musically its diverse and professional, and the subject matter is thought-provoking and executed with undeniable skill on the microphone. Britizen Kane gives us some straight up rap bangers alongside some material of substance, and it’s a balance that is much needed in today’s world.

By Sam Bennett





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