Cheech & Pro P – Diá Des Muertos (Review)

Cheech, Reviews

Cheech is a Manchester based rapper who has built a cult following as part of the group The Bluntskins. He partners with fellow skinner Pro P for this LP entitled ‘Diá Des Muertos’, and it’s a unique, charismatic and diverse release with a variety of moods and topics across thirteen enjoyable tracks.


The glitchy, synth-driven opener ‘Get The Fuck Up’ is a prime example of Cheech’s sharp writing, and Pro P displays his incredible versatility with a sinister, bouncy instrumental that backs silky flows and intricate rhymes. ‘Love Money’ is a highlight, and Cheech spits politically-infused bars with intelligence and dexterity. The track features Martin Connor on guest vocals, and the unique, soulful vocal is a great touch. In addition to this, following yesterday’s events in the States, any Donald Trump call-out is very welcome. ‘S’word Play’ is a crisp, smooth boom-bap banger and the traditional vibe puts both MC and producer in their comfort zone, and they excel with a raw, memorable head-nodder.

‘Session Dwellers’ again features Martin Connor, and the melodic performances of both Martin and Cheech are catchy, and well-executed; the mellow style is fresh and exciting, and it sets Cheech apart from his contemporaries with an instantly recognisable approach to nineties-influenced boom bap. The chilled direction continues with the dope ‘Time To Smoke’ which features a simple jazz-sample and subtle drums; Pro P has been delivering the goods the entire way through ‘Diá Des Muertos’. Pro P contributes another hard-hitting, gritty beat on the excellent ‘Fire’, as well as showing his versatility once more on the closing cut ‘Pass Away’.

‘Diá Des Muertos’ is thoroughly enjoyable, and Cheech and Pro P deliver a unique spin on the traditional boom bap style with this project. The chemistry between MC and producer is clear, and the successful execution of the tracks on here are a testament to how well suited they are to each other. Cheech might have undeservedly slipped under the radar with the wealth of talent coming out of Manchester, and if you are currently unfamiliar with his work this is a great place to get acquainted.

By Sam Bennett





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