The NorthaZe – Dream Emulator (Review)

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Leeds duo The NorthaZe continue their productive 2016 with the release of the new five track EP entitled ‘Dream Emulator’. The project serves as a continuation of their silkily executed and uniquely crafted synthetic sound, which relies on bassy, electronic drums, glistening melodic lines and tongue-twisting flows.


The ‘Dream Emulator’ EP opens with ‘Jed Eyes’, and the hypnotic, minimalistic production is an instant ear-catcher. Kosi and Swish bring their signature intricate, off-kilter lyricism with twisting, turning flows and clever wordplay scattered throughout their verses, which are laced with vivid imagery and delivered with an ever-growing conviction. The NorthaZe are steadily improving with each release, and the bouncy, glossy ‘Rise’ is a perfect example; they find pockets of the beat that no other duo would think to explore, and it’s this unique approach that allows them to stand out so easily.

The glitchy production on ‘Muddy Side’ is a treat, with the Leeds duo’s rocking over a somewhat aquatic beat; it’s not just the flows that make The NorthaZe one of the most exciting artists at the moment, the musicality found across their projects should definitely be credited too. With consistently memorable and entertaining beats and intelligent, developed writing showcased across the ‘Dream Emulators’ project, the WY crew are going from strength to strength at tremendous speed.

If you’re already on board the wave, this is a welcome addition to your growing collection of NorthaZe material. If you’re unaware of the moves these boys are making, well you’re severely missing out. With a diverse style that is performed with a distinct finesse, the West Yorkshire duo are one to keep keen eyes on over the next twelve months; this can only be a warm up for what they have planned in 2017.

By Sam Bennett





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