Cee Major – 10,000 Hours (Review)

Cee Major, Reviews

Cee Major has been developing his brand and building his fanbase over the past few years, and ‘10,000 Hours’ is his latest release. With attitude, intelligence and lyrical finesse in equal measure the London rapper is hotly tipped as one to keep tabs on as his steady rise shows no sign of stopping, and this latest project serves as more evidence that this is a wise choice to bet on.


The mixtape opens with ‘No Feature Film’ and the crisp mixing, the anthemic production and the precise, professional lyrical display from Cee results in a memorable opener, packed with intelligent writing and hard-hitting punchlines. The London MC describes his journey, achievements and the obstacles he’s experienced on the excellent track ‘It’s Over’; Major has a polished sound that puts him in an incredibly promising position, and with the quality of this mixtape I wouldn’t be surprised to see his buzz rise dramatically over the next twelve months.

‘Icon’ is an energetic, trapped out banger; Cee does a great job of keeping up with the sonic landscape of the rap game, keeping himself relevant and entertaining without sacrificing any of his skill or integrity. Across the ‘10,000 Hours’ project we are also treated to some great melodic performances; whether it’s a hook or used subtly on adlibs Cee is definitely a talented singer, and what an important aspect of your skill-set to excel at in today’s market.

The in your face, bouncy beat to ’27’ is aggressive and pounds from start to finish. Cee’s flow is invigorated and his delivery is wholly confident, and any MC making Jeremy Corbyn references gets a thumbs up from me. ‘Destination’ is on some smooth, chilled-out vibes, and the content gives us an open look into Cee’s life and outlook, and the project closes out on the excellent ‘Do It For The Man’.

‘10,000 Hours’ is another dope release to add to Cee’s impressive catalogue. This is his third project and he’s not disappointed once yet. The age-old preconception that battle rappers can’t make music is looking more and more incorrect; artists like Lunar C and Cee Major are showing that the transition is well and truly possible, although both aforementioned artists were making music before stepping foot in the lyrical arena (cringe). Any self-respecting hip-hop head should check this out, you’re bound to be impressed.

By Sam Bennett







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