Starrlight & Flo – Spiritually Connected (Review)

Flo, Reviews, Starrlight

Prolific singer-songwriter Flo partners with Dutch MC Starrlight for this EP entitled ‘Spiritually Connected’. The vibe is unique, engaging and perfect for a chilled summers day (how many of those we have left however I don’t know), and the concise five-track effort is packed with traditional hip-hop production with entertaining vocal performances from both rapper and singer.


The EP kicks off with the title track, and the smooth, subtle and soulful production backs charismatic, prolific lyricism from Starrlight and characteristically sweet vocals from Flo; the two artists’ styles work very well together, and the combination of dope rapping and accessible, catchy hooks is something that is fully exploited across the five track EP. The calm and sophisticated ‘Own Two Feet’ is a definite highlight with crisp, piano-laced production backing Starr and Flo as they deliver their vocals, both of which sound effortlessly cool over the laid-back instrumental. ‘Unity’ closes out the short and sweet project, and this track features Dotz and PSL over a catchy, soulful instrumental.

Flo has given us a lot of material over the past few years, and with every EP release she delivers top quality tracks, showing maturity along with having a really accessible sound that remains unique and quirky. Starrlight is dope too, and I will definitely be checking out more of her work. Stop reading, get downloading.

By Sam Bennett






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