Mindz Of A Different Kind – Foursight (Review)

Mindz Of A Different Kind, Reviews

Mindz Of A Different Kind are a four-piece collective from Austin, Texas, and they are pushing a forward-thinking, traditional sound which sets them apart from the expected style of a southern group in today’s age. ‘Foursight’ is their third release, and the project boasts production from Blueprint and Gensu Dean as well as guest appearances from Abstract Rude, Myka 9 and Kydd Jones.


‘Astrophyziks’ is a tense, haunting opener with a sinister beat and intelligent lyrical acrobatics from each member of the upcoming collective. The gritty boom bap drums and off-kilter, horror soundtrack-esque textures create an intoxicating vibe that grabs your attention from the first few seconds of the track. ‘Perception’ is thought provoking and intelligently composed; the four MC’s in the crew each demonstrate their outlook on the importance of knowledge, and each verse is delivered uniquely, both in terms of style and content, yet the message is consistent.

The smokey beat of the appropriately named cypher cut ‘Pass The Mic’ is perfect for the solid, confident lyricism delivered from each member of the Mindz collective. The percussive flows and hard-hitting verses are flawlessly executed, and the reggae influenced hook is a nice touch too. The funky, synthetic production on the groovy ‘West Coast’ makes for a standout, and it’s another interesting vibe to add to the eclectic mix of styles exhibited across the ‘Foursight’ project. It’s followed by another highlight; ‘Black & Brown’ is a soulful, smooth track with dope sample-work and top quality lyricism.

‘Foursight’ is an excellent release; the musical backdrop and the lyrical dexterity on display are both first-class, and the lack of focus on intelligent southern hip-hop by the mainstream hip-hop media is glaringly obvious when listening to Mindz Of A Different Kind. They deserve so much more attention than they’re currently receiving, but with some notable collaborators on this release they’re sure to start to make a dent on any self-respecting hip-hop connoisseur’s radar.

By Sam Bennett







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