Dotz – Bring The Soul Back (Review)

Dotz, Elbe Kim, Reviews

Bedford MC Dotz has a remarkable work-rate. He’s never silent for long, and his most recent addition to his growing discography is the five track project ‘Bring The Soul Back’. It’s produced entirely by Elbe Kim, a producer hailing from Philadelphia, and it’s great to see Dotz expanding his network and potential fanbase with this latest collaboration.


The EP opens with the emphatic title track; the style of production here certainly lends itself to the project’s name, with infectious, soaring soul vocal samples and traditional, punchy boom bap drums backing Dotz’s infamously ferocious flow. The socially conscious and politically minded ‘We Need You To Fight’ is really dope, and the energy that Dotz brings over Elbe Kim’s tasteful, golden era influenced banging beat makes this one a memorable cut, and it’s great to hear UK MC’s touching on the high unrest in the country and the world over on record.

The EP closes out on an impressive posse cut with a dynamic line-up. Dotz drops first on the gritty beat, and his multisyllabic patterns are intoxicating and convincing, delivered with fury and precision. Skrabl is next, with a chilled delivery and complex schemes providing the build up for Mancunian MC Blizzard’s skippy, fast-paced appearance. Tony D’s verse is laced with potent punchlines, and the Poisonous Poets representative shows his experience with a flawlessly structured appearance. Blak Twang too drops with authority and hard-hitting impact, before Wordsmiff Flip delivers a characteristically heavy sixteen, laced with wit and passion. Dotz’s frequent collaborator Peterz also represents, closing the tune out with a silky appearance.

‘Bring The Soul Back’ is well worth checking out for any fan of classic hip-hop and superb lyricism. Dotz and Elbe Kim come together to bring us a hard-hitting, cohesive and concise project which showcases both gritty production and grimey bars, without letting up for a minute.

By Sam Bennett





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