Moose Funk Squad – Hoof Prints Vol. 2 (Review)

Moose Funk Squad, Reviews

The Moose Funk Squad weren’t content with just one release this year. They drop their second installment of the ‘Hoof Prints’ EP series, this time being produced solely by Pete Cannon, a month after the excellent first volume reached the public.


The EP is kicked off with ‘Do It’, a punchy, crisp banger with well-chopped samples and witty, intelligent lyricism. The soulful vocal snippets and textured, layered loops have great interplay, and the raps are on point as ever. The bass-heavy, trapped out ‘Getting Paper’ is a welcome switch-up; on ‘Hoof Prints Vol. 1’ and for the duration of the second installment, the Moose Funk Squad keep pretty tightly to their boom bap, traditional hip-hop roots, but this shows their energy, diversity and flexibility as they shut down a beat you would have never thought they’d vocal in the first place with precision and exciting performances.

The intensely gritty ‘Thought Sprouts’ changes the vibe drastically again, and Pete Cannon’s production is thoroughly impressive. His super-loud, consistently knocking drums provide a faultless backdrop for the Funk Squad’s charismatic verses. References to Taggart, shots to Chewits adverts and much more crop up on the fantastic ‘Shut Shit Down’ which features Kope, and EP closes on the appropriately titled ‘It’s Over Now’.

The Moose Funk Squad and Broke Records have dropped two superb projects here, and the short, sharp EP’s will be remaining in rotation for a long time to come. The vocals are entertaining and energetic throughout, and the production is complimentary, diverse and expertly handled. Hopefully these EP’s are the precursor to more music from the crew, but they’ll definitely hold us over until next time, no matter the duration of the wait.

By Sam Bennett





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