Moose Funk Squad – Hoof Prints Vol. 1 (Review)

Moose Funk Squad, Reviews

Moose Funk Squad burst onto the scene once again to release two EP’s through established and renowned independent label Broke Records. They dropped their fifteen track mixtape ‘Moose Funk Vol. 1’ back in 2014, and two years on the world is definitely ready for some more of the Squad.


The EP gets underway with ‘Creepout’, and the instantaneously banging uptempo beat is funky, crisp and loud. Fourny P, Mnsr Frites, Jester Jacobs, Luca Brazi and Archetype trade verses over a P739 beat, which is the recipe for the entirety of ‘Hoof Prints Vol. 1’, and it’s a dish that is served up with michelin star results every time. ‘Habitat’ continues the energetic vibe with a booming beat with golden era leanings with silky cuts and groovy rhythms. The rhymes are delivered with charismatic, colourful flows and cocky deliveries and the feeling is real and authentic throughout.

‘The Spinach’ is flat-out rude, and the jazzy piano laced beat is perfect for the energetic rhymes; the music sounds so fun here, and it’s refreshing to hear a crew approach a project with such a carefree attitude. It definitely goes a long way towards making it as enjoyable and as memorable as it is. ‘Souvenir Mugs’ is a raw, funky track that backs witty lyricism; Luca Brazi spits ‘My bars are Messi like Barcelona/Your bars are messy like an arsehole is/You’re getting passed over’. The organic sound of the EP shines through and it’s a thoroughly rewarding project.

Broke Records have dropped a gem here; ‘Hoof Prints Vol. 1’ is a cohesive, original EP from some very talented and downright funny MC’s, and the production is 100 percent on point too. Vol. 2 is produced entirely by Pete Cannon (we’ll be dropping a review soon too), and your weekend will be improved tenfold by purchasing these two quality releases.

By Sam Bennett





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