Soldjasoulz & Ricky Lix – Enemy At The Gates (Review)

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Soldjasoulz are a Norwich based duo comprising of DPF and Reds, and they collaborate with fellow Canary Ricky Lix who is a veteran in the city, for the release of the ‘Enemy At The Gates’ EP. The concise five-track project is a welcome reminder of the skills these guys possess, and if you’re a newcomer to their work this is sure to leave you wanting more.


The EP gets underway with ‘Eyes Of A Ghost’, which is a synthetic banger with pounding drums and crisp lyricism delivered with confidence and clarity. DPF, Reds and Ricky Lix recruit London based UK veteran Yaeo to appear on the track, and he brings his traditionally gritty, waved out flows with authority and charisma. ‘6 Million Ways To Live’ blends old school G Funk influence as well as heavy dubstep tendencies to create a really interesting track with glitchy synthesizers laced over crisp, pounding hip-hop drums.

‘Murda Scene’ shows the longstanding MC’s experience and authority with tight flows, decisive delivery and dope punchlines packing the track from front to back. The boom-bap direction and golden era influence in terms of Ricky Lix, Reds and DPF’s lyricism and approach is a welcome one, and proves that the UK is very much representing for what we love about that real hip-hop music. ‘We Set It Off’ features Tone, and it’s another raw banger with a beat guaranteed to keep your head banging. The powerful deliveries and streetwise lyricism on show from each MC make the track a standout. The EP closes out with ‘Loyalty Is Love’ and the subtle production and reflective, intelligent observations in the lyrics compliment the soulful instrumental perfectly.

This is definitely worth a listen; the raw, rugged and thoroughly underground style of ‘Enemy At The Gates’ is a winning formula, and both the beats and the bars are up to scratch from start to finish. Any self respecting hip-hop fan, from the UK and further afield, should check this out for a slice of criminally underrated homegrown rap music.

By Sam Bennett





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