Sangy – Second Best (Review)

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Mancunian MC Sangy releases his debut solo EP through Bare Noise Records, and ‘Second Best’ is a tight, concise and energetic project. The EP highlights a variety of electronic influences in the production, courtesy of Jack Red Eye, and Sangy’s laid-back delivery, which is still powerful and decisive, makes for a unique sound storming out of Manchester’s thriving underground.


Sangy sets things off with the EP’s title-track, and the subtle electronic production and passionate hook make for an early ear-grabber. The Mancunian spitter raps “It’s raining, that’s just Manny. ‘Round here there’s no sun laddy. Northern, nothing like Max and Paddy. It’s more like rats and cats and alleys”, and his calm delivery makes his words land with impact and force over the textured instrumental. The intense, upbeat ‘Blind’ is great too, and Sangy demonstrates an impressive songwriting skill set with an effective and memorable chorus. The minimalistic electronic influence in the Drum & Bass-esque beat allows for him to convey the energy in his vocal performance, and the vibe is flawlessly executed.

The dancefloor ready ‘No Place Like Home’ is a standout; it’s great how Sangy mixes the energetic production (which has definite crossover appeal) with gritty, deep lyrics and a hard-hitting chorus delivered with a low tone and gravelly delivery. He spits “’round here’s full of bad lagers, absent fathers and Manc martyrs”, and he represents his city proudly and honestly throughout the ‘Second Best’ EP. The grimy ‘Scumbag’ is an aggy, low-resonating banger with dirty synths and hyped vocals, and the EP closes with ‘Why’, which features solid cool production and guest vocals from Ruby-Ann Patterson.

With a consistent, bassy vibe with crisp, professional mixes as the icing on the cake, the ‘Second Best’ EP is a really impressive project. Sangy brings a distinctive voice in a busy market, and his unique perspective on electronic-driven hip-hop is refreshing and captivating. His delivery stands out, and his sharp writing is executed with classy, varied flows. This is one that will be in regular rotation for a while to come, and Sangy is definitely one to watch.

By Sam Bennett





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