Elijah Banksy – #Banksy4TheKiddas (Review)

Elijah Banksy, Reviews

New York MC Elijah Banksy is certainly one to keep an eye on; he bridges old school influence and artistry with a modern outlook and sonic direction. ‘#Banksy4TheKiddas’ is a seven-track project which highlights his flawless ear for beats and natural lyrical skill. The EP is cohesive, classy and memorable, with a heap of replay value to boot.


 The crisp, fresh production on ’95 Till’ is an early highlight. With drums piercing through the mix with clarity, accompanied by shimmery synthesizers and gritty, animated lyricism from Elijah, this track shows the east coast MC’s cool, infectious charisma. ‘Be That’ continues the smooth, jazzy vibe, which is ingeniously combined with a clear futuristic direction; Banksy’s skippy flow sounds dope over the slow-paced, mellow instrumental, which is produced by CoreStylez.

‘Mad World’ is another fantastic cut; the positive, peaceful and laidback vibe of the beat is matched by professionally executed suave, sophisticated vocals. The smooth sound continues with ‘TC Boys’, with a silky piano-sample holding the beat together; Banksy moves all over the beat with an effective flow, and his professionalism is a clear indication of his potential. The EP closes out with ‘Samo’, which is another chilled cut laced with introspective lyricism.

Elijah Banksy has put together a skilfully crafted debut project with ‘#Banksy4TheKiddas’; his writing is consistently on point and the sublime beat-choices mean that it’s a cohesive, well-executed project with plenty of appeal. We’ll be keeping a keen eye on the New York MC, and you should too.

By Sam Bennett






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