Rax – Just 4 You (Review)

Rax, Reviews

South London rapper Rax releases his debut project ‘Just 4 You’, and it’s a five track showcase of trap flavours, energetic rhythms and charismatic vocal performances.


The EP opens with ‘Money Bee’, which features Zino Brown, Dee Pee and Bonkaz, and the high profile guest appearances on the first cut confirm the growing hype around Rax’s name. The deep, booming kick drum and snapping snares are a perfect match for the lively, gritty MCing from each lyricist.

The sophisticated, classy ‘She Don’t Watch That’ features Rival, and the smooth production and vocals are perfectly suited to each other; the organic vibe is executed skilfully, and Rax’s unique tone is key to the track’s success. Rival’s charismatic performance is also impressive, and it’s rare that a track so obviously geared for the ladies keeps itself in my rotation like this one has done.

‘We get two weeks of summer in the UK’ says Rax on ‘Four Seasons’, which features fellow South London vocalist John Osho. The soulful, catchy track is an authentic sunny banger, which matches swag, jazzy production and a classy, professional sound with great results. The EP closes out with a freestyle over Lil Wayne’s ‘We Alright’ instrumental, and Rax demonstrates his versatility; he sounds convincing over both textured, street-geared tracks like this one, as well as over the subtler, summery tracks heard earlier in the project.

Fans of grime, rap and hip-hop will find something to enjoy on the ‘Just 4 You’ EP; Rax demonstrates a skilful pen-game, and he tackles a variety of sounds and styles across the project’s five tracks. With some pretty noteworthy collaborations already under his belt, it’s surely onwards and upwards from here.

By Sam Bennett





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