Praverb The Wyse – The Legacy (Review)

Praverb The Wyse, Reviews

Virginia based rapper Praverb The Wyse passed away back in 2014; the underground MC was influential to his peers, releasing some quality projects, as well as promoting other MC’s music through his online presence. 2016 brings a posthumously released project, entitled ‘The Legacy’; all the proceeds from this LP (which includes six tracks, as well as the instrumental for each cut) go to Praverb’s family, and you can support here:


Opening with the humble, laid-back ‘Delivery’, Praverb rocks over a crisp, boom-bap production with exceptional cuts; the jazz samples and infectious bassline backs Praverb and Bremen based MC Warpath, resulting in a really strong opening track. ‘Reason Why’ too is a great example of real hip-hop; the soul, the beats and the rhymes are all on clear display, and each element is skilfully executed.

The cool, classy and chilled ‘Record Companies’ finds Praverb, Heksagon and underground veteran J-Live trading verses, speaking about the honesty and authenticity of their craft; real hip-hop is exemplified across ‘The Legacy’, with dope beats and dope rhymes. Kenn Starr and Supastition join on ‘Unsung Heroes’, where the three MCs deliver slick, sophisticated lyricism over subtle, soulful loops with nice samples, groovy bass and dusty drums.

‘Legitimate’ continues the intelligence and old school feel, and the cool, jazzy production with crisp drums and simple but effective guitar licks back Praverb and North Carolina MC Supastition. Boston MC’s M-Dot and Revalation appear on the closing track ‘Average Joe’, which again delivers that vintage feel in an impressive, skilful way.

‘The Legacy’ is a really dope collection of tracks with excellent production, intellectual lyricism and on point features. Here is the link once again

R.I.P. Praverb The Wyse

By Sam Bennett




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