Adventures Of… – Feel Cool Forever (Review)

Adventures Of..., Reviews

London duo Adventures Of… impressed with their ‘Love Sick’ album, which was released back in 2014. They closed out last year with the release of ‘Feel Cool Forever’, a seven track EP which showcases Koopa Nut and Bernard James with their individual tones, poetic writing and themes of storytelling exhibited with honest personality.


The subtle percussion and glitchy electronic production of the opening track ‘A To B’ is joined by tasteful guitars in the hook; the slightly lazy and off-pitch vocals really work here too. With a mix of vivid imagery and life-observations being displayed in the duo’s lyricism, the track is an instant reminder of their original, encapsulating style. The relatable storytelling and recognisable flows and deliveries certainly make Adventures Of… stand out.

‘Better For Two’ is a highlight; the melodic approach to the MC’s deliveries’ makes the alternative vibe, which is also pushed with the production and sonic direction, a real pull to this project. Adventures Of… are kind of spoken-word in their style, and the down-to-earth attitude that is showcased in their music make it individual and effective.

The rough feel of tracks like ‘Little Map’, although potentially disconcerting for some, are why I like the ‘Feel Cool Forever’ EP. The lyricism is sharp and the subtle, somber production is suited and industrially textured, but Adventures Of… just sound a little rough around the edges with their stream of consciousness lyricism, which makes the content feel so much more authentic.

The EP closes out with a dope six and a half minute instrumental, which features vintage synthesizer influence, simplistic drums and soothing guitar lines that play like the credits to the previous six tracks. Adventures Of… have delivered an EP that has its own little corner, or niche, and both the writing and production encapsulate the humble ethos that makes them a duo to pay attention to.

By Sam Bennett





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