Louis Mattrs – Slow Waves (Review)

Louis Mattrs, Reviews


Brighton born musician Louis Mattrs is definitely one to watch; his smooth, tasteful sound has generated wide interest in the young artist online, and he has worked and performed with a variety of collaborators to further promote his name and brand over the past few years. Mattrs closed out a productive 2015 with the release of his latest EP, the five track effort ‘Slow Waves’.


The EP opens with ‘White Girl Wasted’, which is an ethereal track, produced by Cadenza, with crunching, powerful drums and soulful, smooth vocals. The textured synthesizer pads and subtle trap influence make for an ear-grabbing first track that showcases both Louis’ vocal skill and introduces the cohesive sound of the EP. The track also features a guest verse from rising 19 year old Chicago rapper Lucki Eck$, who released his ‘X’ mixtape back in May 2015.

 The cool, futuristic neo-soul production on ‘Superman’, as well as Louis Mattrs’ tastefully layered vocals, make the track an excellent second cut; it’s catchy but in no way is that off putting. The electronic and hip-hop influences are evident across the entirety of this EP, but it’s on ‘Young Gun (Oh My)’ where they reach their pinnacle; subtle guitars, excellent groove and production, as well as quality writing from Louis, make the track a certain highlight.

The ‘Slow Waves’ EP is definitely a quality project from Louis Mattrs. It’s the first full release since 2013s ‘Beachy Head’ EP, and with 2015 seeing his popularity and prominence rise, hopefully we won’t have to wait as long this time around. Louis’ eclectic sound is incredibly current, and it bridges the gap between futuristic hip-hop and classy, uptempo dance music in very  sophisticated fashion.

By Sam Bennett






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