Potter – This Is Me (Review)

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Leeds MC Potter, who last dropped a solo project back in 2014 with his ‘The Yorkshire Rapper’ mixtape, packed with freestyles over industry beats, kicks off 2016 with his seven track EP entitled ‘This Is Me’. With production from Chief Wigz, as part of the ATK movement, and no guest verses, this feels like more of a proper introduction to Potter’s style.


The EP gets underway with ‘Alright x3’, and Potter kills a beat in a 6/8 time signature; the simplistic yet frantic production backs precise and tight flows delivered with a pronounced clarity, and it’s definitely a promising opener. ‘House Party’ is one of the highlights of the EP; crisp synthesizer lines and muffled percussion create tense production for Potts to drop bars with intensity, colour and imagery reminiscent of a standard West Yorkshire Saturday night.

The aggressive, in-your-face ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ definitely showcases Potters’ creativity, as he executes a split-personality concept track with raw energy; the harsh tone and menacing, piano laced production make for another noteworthy cut from the EP. The airy, atmospheric beat on ‘Power’ is dope, and it’s nice to see that the ‘This Is Me’ EP features quite a bit of stylistic variety, both in terms on the production and in Potter’s approach to the vocals.

This continues on the title track, which features a more acoustic themed instrumental, and Potts’ style is reminiscent of early Plan B on this one. It’s cool, but I do think the Leeds MC’s delivery and tone is better suited to more textured hip-hop instrumentals, or at least beats with more of that influence. The following track though is a banger, and the best on the project. ‘This Ain’t A Song’ features quirky production and witty lyricism; Potter’s percussive delivery is relentless and if there ever was a punchline chart, the count here must have rocketed into the abyss.

‘This Is Me’ is a solid EP, with a diverse sound spread across the seven tracks. Potter has a classy, consistent flow with a distinctive edge, and the production is crisp at all times. A full length project is something I’ll be eagerly awaiting.

By Sam Bennett





EP is also available on iTunes


One thought on “Potter – This Is Me (Review)

  1. Potter is writing some serious music and makig serious movements, showing that Leeds has talent ‘0113’..

    Keep it going potter.

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