Philly B – Let It Play (Review)

Philly B, Reviews

Producer Philly B releases his new album ‘Let It Play’, which features Jam Baxter, Dirty Dike, Dubbledge and Dabbla, amongst many more. The album showcases Philly’s versatile production style, which draws from a range of influences to create a diverse and interesting soundscape.


The uptempo frantic drums and soulful vocal samples of the opening title track are a perfect match for the percussive deliveries and tight flows from Dabbla, Son Of Light and Dubbledge. Each MC compliments the production with their fast-paced and complex verses. ‘You Suck’ follows, and Dabbla kills it on this solo track; his witty, tongue twisting style sounds excellent over the quirky sample, and the LDZ MC’s clarity is always impressive.

‘Belonging’ is a highlight from the album; the posse cut features Dabbla, Stig Of The Dump, King Kaiow and Jam Baxter, and the simplistic instrumental and hard hitting snare back confidently delivered lyrics from each rapper. The restrained and subtle production on ‘Never’, which features Contact Play representatives Jam Baxter and Dirty Dike, make for another standout. The vivid verses are well structured by both MCs, backed by reserved drums and cool sample work.

‘Love’, which features Mikey D.O.N. of Krispy 3, is dope. The summery vibe and crisp drums show Philly B’s skilfully versatile talent behind the boards, complimented brilliantly by Mikey’s vocal. The final track is ‘Money 2 Da Rescue’, and this is my favourite track by far, not only of the album but of the year as a whole. The electronically driven production is a perfect match for Dubbledge and Dabbla’s relatable lyrics (Dabbla’s verse will ring true with a huge amount of heads), which paint a scathing view of our society with wit and passion.

‘Let It Play’ is an excellent project from Philly B. The scope of the production is wide-ranging, and the lost of features extensive and well selected. With a variety of styles explored in terms of vocalists and instrumentals, Philly has dropped an exhilarating project in ‘Let It Play’, and play it you certainly should.

By Sam Bennett






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