Subliminal – Pé, DULAHLI, The Northaze & Pertrelli – Live At LS6 Cafe – Leeds – 08/10/15 (Live Review)

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Subliminal has been a staple night for any Leeds based hip-hop head for the past three years. With respected artists like Task Force, Koncept & J57, Benny Diction and many more gracing the stages of Subliminal events past at HiFi and Norman Bar, the top notch MCs and the fantastic house band have made the night one to keep an eye out for. After a break, Subliminal is back with a new monthly residency at LS6 Cafe.


The Northaze, a Leeds based duo who have released some dope mixtape releases, and Pertrelli, an MC with lyrics wise beyond his years, are on stage as I walk in. The three rappers trade flows with distinct West Yorkshire accents over soulful, jazzy live instrumentation. Trelz demonstrates his punchline heavy style of writing with a fierce live delivery. If you’ve not heard his recent ‘Clips EP’ project, check that out. The three MCs are in sync with the tight groove as their complex schemes fall in line with the drums and emotive brass licks. The improvised set takes the intimate LS6 Cafe on a journey through diverse flows and instrumentals.

Leeds based producer DULAHLI makes his debut set tonight. His wonky, synth heavy production fill the now absolutely packed room, and the crowd are vocally receptive to the airy, filtered textures and the punchy, humanistic drums. With DULAHLI’s mixture of left-field hip-hop cuts and some more upbeat, house influenced tracks, the eclectic nature of his set is impressive.

Closing out the night is Pé, a live hip-hop band who are steadily gaining attention. With subtle instrumentation and clarity from both MCs, the outfit have a really tight sound and a dope aesthetic. Their soulful vibe fills the room; the synergy between the saxophone, the keys, the bass guitar and the drums make their sound cohesive and natural, and most importantly really enjoyable.

Subliminal have marked their return with a successful event. LS6 Cafe is small, perhaps a little too small for the amount of people tonight, but as always with Subliminal, the sheer quality of the music on show makes the night a good one.

By Sam Bennett





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