Flo & Don Piper – New Memories (Review)

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Singer Songwriter Flo releases her new five track EP ‘New Memories’, a project produced entirely by Don Piper, a British producer who has worked with London Zoo and Filthy Funk, amongst many others. The EP features a guest appearance by Bedford MC Dotz, and continues Flo’s past work of soulful, chilled hip-hop production and catchy, sweet vocals.


The mellow, crisp production of the opening track ‘So Fast’ is a perfect introduction, or a reminder if you’re already familiar with Flo’s work, to the relaxed vibe she conveys. With really nice sample work from Don Piper and passionate and charming work from the young singer, ‘New Memories’ gets off to a really good start.

With a high tone and a strong London twang in her vocal, Kate Nash or Lily Allen comparisons aren’t completely unwarranted, but they’re too obvious to do Flo any justice. The subtlety on show here make Flo’s work far more enjoyable and far more relatable.

The airy textures and consistently tight percussion exploited by Don Piper, helps to make ‘New Memories’ cohesive and interesting across the five tracks. ‘Free’ in particular utilises the space to great effect, allowing Flo to lace the track with her delicate melodic lines, and Dotz impresses as he drops a precise verse to set the song off.

‘New Memories’ is a really solid offering from Flo and Don Piper. Their chemistry works fantastically, with jazz and soul influences in both vocal and production elements. The EP is cool, classy and to the point, and is definitely worth checking out if you’re a hip-hop head or more of a soul and R&B fan.

By Sam Bennett







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