Res One – Delph Efficacy (Review)

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Res One, hailing from Bristol, is one of the most exciting prospects active in the UK scene at the moment. A member of the Split Prophets Crew, Res’ style is filled with internal, complex rhyming, socially aware concepts and a lot of weed references. ‘Delph Efficacy’ is a raw, authentic album, with appearances from Leaf Dog, BVA, Blabbermouf and more.


The scathing social analysis in ‘The Great Divide’, which features fellow Bristolian rhymer Mistafire, makes the Reklews production an early highlight. ‘Everything You Got’, which features talented Scottish spitter Physiks, is an uptempo tune with shrill brass samples and crisp drums. Next comes ‘No Managers’; Res and Two Tungs both drop lyricism about their independence, and this testament is accurate. The Prophets have a real buzz, developed through their consistency and sheer skill.

‘Know How We Do’ is a gritty collaboration with the currently incarcerated fellow SP member DatKid. The sparse, hard hitting instrumental is insanely effective, and the punchy deliveries from both MCs make the track a highlight. The humble attitude displayed in ‘Building Up, as well as the choppy beat and energetic flow, keep the levels high; Delph Efficacy is a strong project with excellent levels of consistency. ‘La Familia’, the obligatory SP posse cut is another standout with a bunch of dope verses.

‘Mary Jane Pt. 2′ is a great track. The sequel to Res’ ‘Mary Jane Skit’, he drops herbalist bars with intelligent rhyme patterns and topics to boot, and the soulful boom bap beat keeps the head nodding back and forth. ‘Bristol Bullshit’ is a prime example of the crisp and gritty instrumental choices that Res One excels on, and this track is one of the most memorable and impressive songs from the ‘Delph Efficacy’ album. ‘On The Move’, whicg features fellow Prophet Paro, is a dope track with a melodic instrumental in an East Coast feel and heavy punchlines.

‘Wreck Shit’ is a collaboration with Dutch MC BlabberMouf. Res and Blabber have great chemistry, and their styles are well suited to each other. The contrast between BlabberMouf’s rapid flow and Res’ laid-back delivery make the track enjoyable and memorable. Leaf Dog and BVA join Res One on ‘Underground Structure’, and the raw sample work and convincing lyricism make this track a winner. ‘Delph Efficacy’ finishes strongly with the relaxed and mellow ‘International Traveler’; Res demonstrates a smooth and silky flow, and the crisp drums of the Hozay production are also impressive.

Split Prophets catalogue is filled with projects packed the raw authenticity. ‘Delph Efficacy’ is no different, and Res One’s first step into the solo world is successful. This is an album packed with intelligent writing and a variety of concepts, executed in a very professional manner.

By Sam Bennett




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