Gemini & Shinobii – Suspects Unknown EP (Review)

Gemini, Reviews, Shinobii

West London rapper Gemini, who has gained recognition through a series of impressive and savage battle rap clashes on the Don’t Flop league, teams up with Shinobii, a producer who also hails from the capital to bring us the ‘Suspects Unknown EP’. Gemini has an upfront tone and delivery, and Shinobii’s textured and powerful instrumentals are a perfect match.


The EP gets underway with the Intro, and the swelling synths, deep bass and snappy drums back a rapid fire flow from Gemini. The aggressive and confident nature of the West London spitter’s delivery make the opener convincing, and sets the tone for the rest of the ‘Suspects Unknown EP’. The hyped, energetic ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ follows, and it continues the trend of impressive MCing from Gemini and undeniably top class production from Shinobii.

The infectious vocal samples and the pounding drums and bassline of ‘Fuckeries’ make for a fast-paced track, and Gemini’s consistent flow and cocky lyrics result in a successful tune. The EP reaches its finale with ‘What’s Real’, and the powerful instrumental and high intensity of Gemini’s vocals create a menacing vibe. The synth lines and the crisp percussion are excellently orchestrated, and Gemini’s enthusiastic and passionate delivery make it a standout.

The ‘Suspects Unknown EP’ is a solid project. With consistently energetic performances from Gemini, and bassy, textured production from Shinobii, the chemistry this rapper/producer partnership possess make the EP cohesive and professional.

By Sam Bennett






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