P Solja – Il Piu Trillo (Review)

P Solja, Reviews

Leeds rapper P Solja, who you may be familiar with through his appearances on the Don’t Flop channel, or through his work with Tha Office, drops his new mixtape, entitled ‘Il Piu Trillo’. The nineteen track tape is filled with P’s signature slow paced, trapped out vibe. With gritty flows and hard hitting punchlines throughout, as well as a selection of deep, bassy instrumentals, this is one to enjoy at its loudest.

p solja

The swagged out ‘Kick Back Chillin’, which was released as the first single from the mixtape, is still one of my favourite tracks from the project. The beat is hypnotic, and is impossible not to bounce your head to. P Solja’s street-smart, smoked out attitude sounds convincing over the explosive instrumental. ‘Raspy Flames’, featuring fellow Leeds and Office representative Pertrelli, is a heavy tune; Tha Office’s pool of talented resources is very deep indeed, and the beat switch up is unexpected and well executed.

‘3 Amigoz’, produced by Chief Wigz, features Potter and Weezy Jefferson; the three Leeds MC’s spit back to back verses, with each spitter dropping cocky and confident lyrics and deliveries. P Solja experiments by pitching down his vocals on various tracks from the mixtape, including ‘Smoking All Day’, where the effect really works in combination with the minimalistic, slow-moving instrumental. It does get a little tired though; at nineteen tracks ‘Il Pio Trillo’ is already a long mixtape, and the pitching down suffers from a bit of overkill towards the back end of the project.

P Solja does what P Solja does, and for the majority of ‘Il Pio Trillo’ he does that very well. The slow tempos of the hard hitting, textured instrumentals create a consistent vibe, and P’s witty bars, punchlines and infectious flows keep the energy at a high. It could have done with a little trimming though.

By Sam Bennett







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