Ricta & Warren Of Snares – The Clean Up (Review)

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Coventry rapper Ricta teams up with Warren Of Snares, a producer hailing from the same city, to release this six track EP entitled ‘The Clean Up’. The EP is a slice of nineties inspired hip-hop; the drums are consistently banging and the samples create a mood reminiscent of rap’s golden era, with a defined UK twist.


Ricta’s relaxed vocal tone and flows that never sound rushed or forced make him a very convincing MC, and one that is really easy to vibe with. Warren Of Snares’ beats are perfectly matched to Ricta’s stylistic features, and the pair combine to create tracks that keep your head nodding from start to finish. The project’s title track shows off Ricta’s clear hip-hop sensibilities, passion and knowledge, over a soulful instrumental from Warren Of Snares.

‘Water’ is filled with thumping kicks, tight snares and expertly chopped vocal samples to form a fantastic instrumental for Ricta to drop bars over; he spits about his experiences with and opinions regarding the hip-hop genre, and his well executed, cool and calm delivery means you listen intently to every bar and every word. ‘Rap Music’ closes ‘The Clean Up’ with a hard hitting boom bap beat and punchline packed verses from Ricta.

‘The Clean Up’ is an impressive EP from the Coventry producer/rapper partnership. The beats are all undeniably dope, and Ricta definitely holds his own on the microphone. There are a couple of weak bars to be found during the EP, but they’re few and far between, and Ricta’s smooth delivery and engaging tone more than makes up for this.

By Sam Bennett








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