Jam Baxter – Live At The HiFi Club – Leeds – 21/06/15 (Live Review)

Jam Baxter, Live Reviews

The Sunday Joint at HiFi is a regular destination for fans of live music, and their consistency in picking acts on the cusp of their relevant scenes is impressive. A hungover Jam Baxter, who is an intense and skilled rapper signed to the powerhouse that is High Focus Records, takes to the stage tonight, with DJ Sammy B-Side accompanying him on the wheels of steel.


Opening with ‘Incoming’, from his phenomenal recent album ‘…So We Ate Them Whole’, Baxter is a one man tour de force, demonstrating a quality live delivery and imagery laden lyricism, something he has built a stellar reputation for. He takes it back to 2012 with ‘Fine’, from the ‘Gruesome Features’ album, and Baxter’s rhyme schemes and excellent flow impress from start to finish.

Jam Baxter keeps the vibe and party atmosphere up by handing vodka to willing participants in the crowd, and if that wasn’t enough the hard hitting electronic production exemplified and explored on Baxter’s latest album sounds incredibly heavy in a live situation. ‘Fresh Flesh’ also impresses, taken from his EP with fantastic producer Jon Phonics.

As one half of Dead Players (along with LDZ representative Dabbla), Jam Baxter has mastered the art of hyped up, energetic music with rapid flows and confident deliveries. The duo’s debut album is a powerful and cohesive project, and tracks like ‘Winning’, ‘Ever’ and ‘Yeah’ all show just how on point Baxter’s flows and deliveries are. His versatile skill set is something to be applauded.

The Contact Play spitter takes the mood back with the classic cut ‘Brains’. The thought-provoking lyricism and concepts, as well as the head-nodding instrumental make this track a highlight. He finishes his set with ‘Leash’, an uptempo, in your face track from his latest album. The intimate, receptive Leeds crowd have rocked with Baxter solidly, and with good reason. His energy, consistency and performance have all been really enjoyable, with a dope selection of tracks from a range of projects.

By Sam Bennett







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