Apollo Phox – Join The Club (Review)

Apollo Phox, Reviews

Bristolian producer Apollo Phox releases his new EP, ‘Join The Club’, which was created by taking influence and inspiration from ‘Fight Club’, a film with depth, complexity and a legacy to be marvelled at. Apollo Phox keeps the vibe soulful and dusty at all times, with choppy, nineties drums, cuts and a cohesive, consistently raw hip-hop feel.

Apollo Phox join the club

‘Arson Meets Monday’ utilises female vocal samples to create a dense, soulful opener, complete with punchy kicks and deep snares, as well as finding Apollo killing it with the scratching. The space created on ‘The Voice’ is really effective, with airy vocal excerpts, cheeky brass lines and a bass pattern that keeps your head nodding along with the tight drums. Apollo Phox’s production is never lackluster, the beats are well orchestrated and structured, making for a continuously interesting instrumental experience.

‘Assault On Tuesday’ is a restrained, subtle beat with summery keys and cool, jazzy sample work. The deep kick drum cuts through fantastically; the mixing side of Apollo’s production is just as commendable as the logistics and creation of the beats. ‘Join The Club’ closes with ‘Cmd C_Cmd V’, which is one of my favourite cuts from the EP, and a perfect finishing track. With emotional instrumentation and chord patterns, Apollo Phox definitely leaves us on a high with this track.

‘Join The Club’ is a really cohesive, well produced instrumental EP from a bright young Bristolian talent. In taking inspiration from Fight Club, one of the most recognised and influential films of recent times, he has developed a mature, sophisticated soundscape with real continuity, and it’s a project I will be revisiting often, of that I’m sure.

By Sam Bennett






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