Phaze What – The Sweet Chin Movie (Review)

Phaze What, Reviews

Piff Gang are one of the UK’s most promising and exciting prospects. The collective’s stoned out rap music always impresses, with a string of quality mixtape releases and a large selection of dope spitters. Phaze What steps out on his own for ‘The Sweet Chin Movie’, an 11 track mixtape packed with in the pocket flows, bassy beats and cool, calm deliveries.


The airy instrumental of ‘Boom Oi’ sets the tone perfectly. With deep kicks and rattling hi-hats, the beat matches Phaze What’s skippy flow and swagged out, lifestyle rap. There is a cool, sophisticated stoner vibe to all of Piff Gang’s music, and Phaze What’s solo offering does a very good job of continuing this trend.

The standout track for me is ‘Pass It On’, incorporating a slowed down sample of ‘Darkest Light’ by The Lafayette Afro Rock Band, a track that’s been used a few times before by producers, but this is a unique flip suited perfectly to Phaze’s vibe. The only issue I have with this track is the length; why only one minute twenty Phaze?

‘The Sweet Chin Movie’ is a professional, cohesive release from Phaze What. Piff Gang’s roster is packed with talent, and if this starts a trend of solo mixtapes then I’m definitely excited. Phaze’s tight flows and ear for tasteful, bouncy instrumentals combine to make a dope project.

By Sam Bennett





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