Permahigh: ILe Flottante, SGNIL & Loopis Drones – Live At The Packhorse – Leeds – 16/04/15 (Live Review)

ILe Flottante, Live Reviews, Loopis Drones, SGNIL

The Packhorse is a renowned pub in Leeds, with a regular selection of local talent gracing its stage, as well as acts from further afield. Tonight, for a Unity Day fundraiser put on by the newly formed Permahigh label, some of the areas electronic producers showcase their talents, both on the electronic, heavy bass side of things and on the chilled hip-hop spectrum.


First up are local duo Loopis Drones. Haunting synths, glitchy instrumentals and filtered snares litter the air, and their beats are accompanied by a series of computerised visuals. With oddly hypnotic build ups and dramatic techno-esque drops which repeatedly receive reactions from the crowd, along with a good exploitation of varied textures make their set enjoyable, if somewhat chaotic at times.


Next comes SIGNL. This Salford based producer comes down on the ambient side of the genre, with glitchy snare rolls and intricate melodies creating a deep groove. The frantic production techniques make use of the entire stereo field, and the deep techno vibes with sparse synth lines and thumping, consistent kicks are delivered well.


Finally comes ILe Flottante, a Leeds born, Bristol based producer specialising in 90s inspired, calmly delivered hip-hop, along with an impressive hand in future garage influenced tracks. The cutting, tasteful brass samples fill the room, and Flottante’s style is jazzy but equally hard hitting with crisp drums and subtle basslines. With smooth Method Man remix that leaves necks snapping collectively, and dusty flips filled with shimmery synths and raw, classic hip-hop drums, ILe’s set is very impressive.


Switching between electronica, futuristic beats and golden era infused instrumentals, the crowd love it, especially the two guys at the front going in with, how can I say….entertaining dance moves. An airy remix of Roots Manuva’s ‘Witness (1 Hope)’ is especially dope, and although the future garage, atmospheric bass driven tunes are well delivered, it’s the soulful, restrained, classy hip-hop production that is most memorable.

By Sam Bennett



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