Blam – Ouch Vol. 1 (Review)

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‘Ouch Vol. 1’ is the new mixtape release from Peckham born, Brighton based MC Blam, a member of the Real Fangle clique. The mixtape is 10 tracks long, and the beats bang consistently. Blam’s road rap styling, although occasionally tired, sounds for the most part invigorated and confident. His slow paced flow is suited to the trap influenced production found throughout ‘Ouch Vol. 1’, and Blam’s punchlines and cocky delivery make for a release that keeps your attention.


With a charismatic opener in ‘Red Roses’, which features Kwakz, ‘Ouch Vol. 1’ starts off in a good way, with both spitters dropping tight schemes packed with punches over crisp hi-hats and thumping kick drums. The remix of Sage The Gemini’s ‘Gas Pedal’ is less successful however. Admittedly I enjoyed Blam’s version better than the original, with a convincing flow that rides the beat nicely, but with a played out instrumental and punches that lack any real originality, it’s the first weak track on the tape.

‘Last Summer’ also sounds a little uninspired, with Blam’s flow and multisyllabic rhyming again being convincing, but his delivery falling short of the standard found elsewhere on the mixtape. Spitting on a nice old school, summery beat complete with a Michael Jackson sample for ‘Rock With You’, Blam shows his diversity by dropping a tune for the ladies, and it’s well executed. ‘DWMT’ is the standout of the mixtape for me, with Blam and Kwakz spitting hard verses over a frantic, pounding beat with convincing and aggressive presence.

With a cheeky instrumental and ingenious sample for ‘Pinky & The Brain’ and a 6 minute haunting epic ‘Bulletproof’ to finish the mixtape, Blam closes ‘Ouch Vol. 1’ out on a high. Throughout the mixtape he demonstrates his consistent writing, heavy delivery and dope punchlines. With a couple of missteps and the majority of tracks bumping hard, the sound and execution is successful. It’s just a pity that my favourite track, ‘DWMT’, is also the shortest.

By Sam Bennett





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