Filthy Funk – Funkin Hell (Review)

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Bedford MC’s Dotz and Peterz join forces on ‘Funkin Hell’, as Filthy Funk. Their debut album is jam packed with multisyllabics, head nodding boom bap beats and dope features, including Natrill and Wordsmiff. Dotz has been making noise as of late, with a series of heavy battles, showing why he’s one of the best freestylers in the country, and this raw energy translates onto record easily, and Peterz’ style gels well as part of the duo.


Whether its on a straight up aggy vibe, such as on ‘Long Time Coming’, or whether Filthy Funk take on a more introspective, conceptual spin, as found on the Si Philli collaboration ‘Nobodies Fault’, they always hold it down on the mic. The subtle instrumental of ‘We Seem Fine’, which finds the two MC’s spitting about the struggle everyday people go through on a daily basis at the fault of the system, is well suited, and even in the early stages of the ‘Funkin Hell’ LP, Dotz and Peterz show their versatility.

The reflective ‘Back When I Was Young’, which has a video out on SBTV is a cool track with summer vibes. The soulful samples and crisp, 90’s drums match the fast paced, tight flows of both Filthy Funk spitters. ‘Thinking Again’ is one of  the standouts of the album, with a memorable, soulful beat, punchy kick drum and sick rhyme schemes. Natural joins Dotz and Peterz, and all three MC’s leave a lasting impression with their passionate deliveries and well structured lyricism.

The witty ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ is a nice addition, with a funny, storytelling feel, and the scathing ‘Clown Syndrome’ over a jovial D.Seize instrumental and featuring Wordsmiff follows in a series of strong cuts. ‘Pot Luck’ is a back and forth, uptempo track over a funky instrumental. Dotz and Peterz rap about a pretty hectic journey in the car with skill and descriptive, complex rhyming. The album closes out with solid, more chilled out cuts, and although these don’t catch my attention as much as the earlier bulk of the album, Dotz and Peterz are still dropping nice bars consistently, over well produced beats.

‘Funkin Hell’ is a dope album. Both Dotz and Peterz impress with their range of topics, and their flows and deliveries are always energetic and forceful. The features are spread out well, and they all perform well, and the range of producers, from Pete Cannon to Pro P to Phocus, all make for a cohesive, well balanced album. This is one that I’ll be keeping in rotation for a while.

By Sam Bennett







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