Danny Lover – My Best Friends Keep Dying (Review)

Danny Lover, Reviews

Blah Records has been making moves as of late. Of course, the legendary record label owned by Lee Scott and Reklews has been putting out forward thinking, authentic and raw hip hop since its inception, but the resurgence in recent years is refreshing to say the least. ‘My Best Friends Keep Dying’ is the debut release from Canadian rapper Danny Lover; it’s also the second Blah release from an artist not based in the UK, after New York rapper Darkstar’s 2011 ‘The Last Beginning Of The End’ EP. Posthumously produced by 19.thou$and in its entirety, the trippy, slow paced instrumentals with unique sample choices coupled with Danny Lover’s emotional delivery and witty lyricism make for a dope project.


With the haunting, somber mood created by the guitar samples and restrained, subtle drum beats guaranteed to keep your head nodding, Danny Lover’s personal approach really makes you pay attention to both his writing and his emotion, which is conveyed effectively and powerfully on the fantastic opener ‘Singapore’. Danny’s unique approach and palette for instrumentals with an experimental feel definitely make ‘My Best Friends Keep Dying’ an exciting and continuously interesting album; he doesn’t stick to a played out formula at all on this project, not one bit.

‘Boo-Yaka-Sha’ features another Tarantino-esque guitar sample with dusty drums; the production on this album is cohesive, consistent and most importantly pretty damn incredible. Danny Lover’s stoned delivery makes for a slightly menacing feel on this standout track. ‘Jesus’ is a soulful affair with a well executed concept, witty yet moody lyricism and nicely structured bars.

‘That Thunder’ is an exceptional closer. The self-deprecating, honest approach over an infectious guitar sample and slow paced drums results in a moving love song to close an exceptionally unique album in fantastic fashion.

‘My Best Friends Keep Dying’ is an album I can’t recommend enough. It’s a project that is unique, skilful and it has a staying power that will linger long after the closing track. 19.thou$and’s instrumentals are perfectly suited to Danny’s approach and vocal style, and the organic vibe is consistent throughout; Blah Records have delivered yet again with a top quality release.

By Sam Bennett






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