Twisted Pennys – Black Blankets (Review)

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Leicester MC Twisted Pennys kicks off 2015 in style with his new 8 track EP, entitled ‘Black Blankets’. Pennys has been making impact as of late with some impressive performances on the Don’t Flop battle league, but it’s on record where he really shines. With a unique, instantly recognisable rhyming style, excellent breath control and intricately structured lyricism, the up and coming spitter showcases his forceful, relatable approach throughout this project.


Instantaneously Pennys makes it clear that he’s not playing. The minimal production of ‘So Much Evil’ is a perfect backing for Twisted’s consistent delivery and tight flow. The content is deep, intelligent and fantastically structured; few hold as good a command of multisyllabics as Twisted Pennys, and his knack for blending this technique with meaningful subject matter makes for an impressive listen, and an opener that really sets the tone for the rest of the project.

The gritty boom bap of ‘Astral Harness’ is dope. Haunting keys and crisp, punchy drums pound relentlessly as Pennys’ metaphors and skunked out references engage you as he spits with sharp verbal precision. ‘Evergreen’, a collaboration with Manchester spitter Cheech, who has always impressed me with his work as part of The Bluntskins, is another nice track. With battle rap references, captivating rhyme schemes and excellent flows for Pennys, and laid-back weeded out rhyming from Cheech, this is a well chosen collaboration that works on every level.

‘Fuck’ is another standout. With a brutal boom bap beat and a confident, clear performance from Pennys; this combination is where the Leicester MC really shines. As he goes on a tirade against the people he’s dissatisfied with, all the while showing his witty, personal musings with energy and character, it becomes clear that Twisted Pennys is a very talented writer with a truly unique style.

Black Blankets is a solid project with a lot of positive features. There is a real cohesiveness and theme to the project, which isn’t shoved in your face, but adds to the feel of the EP as a whole. I kind of wish it had a more professional sound in terms of vocal production, but Twisted Pennys isn’t signed, and that hunger and rawness can be felt throughout ‘Black Blankets’. With complexity, realness and relatable content, Twisted Pennys offers something new and authentic with this EP.

By Sam Bennett





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