Prospectz – Invasion (Review)

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Brighton rapper Prospectz releases this 6 track EP to close 2014 with, released through Rumbustious Records, a South Coast record label who have released a vast quantity of quality releases over the past 5 years. Prospectz has a powerful voice and rocks classic, 90’s influenced beats whilst packing a consistent punch. The EP is entirely produced by Ransom Notes, a fellow Brighton musician, and the partnership is definitely a successful one. 

Prospectz Picture

‘Invasion’ definitely grabs your ear and holds your attention, with its smooth production and Prospectz’ crisp delivery. He is consistent with his multisyllabic rhymes, and his flow is also strong and effective, making for an impressive opener. ‘Heavy Stepping’ is a short but sweet, dusty boom bap cut, and Prospectz spits with venom about his endeavours with drugs, drink and women.

Prospectz declares that he’s ‘Raoul Moat with the flows’ on ‘The Omen’, and the menacing, gritty instrumental suits the Brighton rapper’s convincing performance on this track. ‘Invasion’s opening 3 tracks are all bangers, but the EP does lose a little momentum in its second half. There’s certainly real content and intricate writing displayed on ‘Wraith’, ‘As The World Spins’ and ‘Feeling The Pressure’, but Prospectz is more convincing on the first half of the EP, with some of the subject matter feeling slightly clichéd.

‘Invasion’ is an impressive project from a promising MC. The Brighton rapper rocks the microphone with his strong tone and clever writing, and Ransom Notes holds down the production with skill and suitable instrumentals. Definitely check this one out for some solid lyricism and hard hitting boom bap; I’m excited to hear what Prospectz contributes next, as he definitely possesses the talent to make a real impact.

By Sam Bennett





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