Bugzy Malone – Stereotyped (Review)

Bugzy Malone, Reviews

Manchester’s Bugzy Malone has been an impressive MC for a good number of years now, and has been consistent with his quality, releasing 4 mixtapes since 2010. ‘Stereotyped’ is his latest project, an 8 track EP showcasing his distinctive flow, humble honesty combined with hard hitting punchlines and personal lyrics. 


The EP gets underway with ‘Ten Excuses’, and the tense, soulful instrumental matches Bugzy’s intensity. The haunting beat choices continue with ‘Changes’, and the Manchester rapper’s brutal honesty is extremely effective, and you can instantly appreciate the passion that Bugzy Malone always puts into his writing and his delivery. ‘NowDays’ is a change in pace, with a more uplifting beat and concept, with Bugzy spitting about his determination in the music game with skill and flair.

‘Recognition’ is definitely one of the most impressive tracks in terms of production, and Malone’s savage spitting and menacing presence makes this song a real standout, with a strong hook and nice punches. ‘Confession’ continues this section of the EP, showcasing this side of Bugzy’s music. He is just as convincing on these street bangers as he is at more introspective, personal cuts, and this versatility is definitely a good skill to possess.

‘Stereotyped’ is an impressive EP from the Manchester MC, and if you haven’t already checked Bugzy Malone’s music, this is most definitely a good introduction. He brings a consistently hard hitting flow, punchlines which land with some real weight and a varied mix of all sides of Bugzy’s persona, whilst remaining cohesive as a project. This is one to check for sure.

By Sam Bennett







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