E&Daniels – Hair Of The Dog

E&Daniels, Reviews

UK hip hop collective E&Daniels start off the year with this 5 track EP, entitled ‘Hair Of The Dog’. This is straight up bars front to back, and E&Daniels definitely have real content, and this EP delivers pretty solidly on both fronts.  

hair of the dog

There’s no doubt that E&Daniels possess a roster of MC’s always capable to deliver quality verses; Locksmyth’s appearance on ‘Time To Roll’ is definitely a standout verse for me. I’ve seen Theme spit those bars on his Fire In The Streets video, but his ‘Back At It’ verse still hits as hard as when I first heard it; Theme is definitely one to watch this year.

‘Blue Brothers’ is a perfect way to close the EP, with a dope instrumental courtesy of Riddle. Gi3mo and Gemini open and close the track with excellent flows and nice pen-game, but much like the rest of the EP, there’s not really a weak verse on here.

Though only 5 tracks long, ‘Hair Of The Dog’ is a release with a varied range of tracks, displaying both a deeper, more sentimental vibe as well as straight up, no holds barred spitting. This is definitely worth a look.

By Sam Bennett







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